Hard water stains can be difficult to remove from marble and granite. But what is a hard water stain, and what are the best ways to remove them? Here we will discuss what hard water is, what hard water stains are, and how to remove them.

A hard water stain is a buildup of material, mainly mineral deposits, on your countertops. These are caused by, naturally, hard water (water which contains minerals like magnesium and calcium) drying on the marble or granite surface. When the water evaporates, the minerals get left behind. Once that occurs, it becomes easier for more to build up. These stains tend to be harder to remove than others.

When removing hard water stains from granite and marble, it is important to remember that marble and granite can be more delicate than metal. A lot of common cleaners are too harsh and acidic and may lead to damage (scratching or etching) of the surface. You will want to use a special cleaning agent designed specifically for cleaning stone surfaces. Before you start scrubbing, you may want to use a plastic scraper or razor blade to gently scrape away large deposits of minerals, to make your life easier. 

Scrubbing the stain with a specific cleaner and a dry towel is a good way to begin once you have removed the big chunks. Another way is to use fine steel wool after getting the stain wet and scrubbing the wool in a circular pattern on the stain in question. Thick water and baking soda paste can also be used, just apply the paste to the stain and rinse it away when done, then dry.

Preventing stains can be just as helpful as knowing how to remove them. Regular cleanings can help prevent the buildup of mineral deposits on your countertops. Having a good sealant on your granite or marble countertop will also help keep your countertop undamaged, and looking their best.

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How to remove hard water stains


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