You've just completed your kitchen remodel and have installed beautiful new countertops. However, even if your countertops are made of a durable material, such as stone or quartz, there are still many ways they can become damaged. Below are several ways to keep your countertops in good condition for years, even decades, to come.

Ensure Your Stone is Properly Sealed

Stone countertops are known for being low maintenance. So, many people tend to forget that many types of stone are porous and may absorb liquids which can lead to stains. This issue can be avoided if your counters are sealed periodically. If you have the correct products, sealing can be rather simple.

If you have soapstone counters, you never need to seal your them. Soapstone is incredibly dense and cannot absorb water. However, you may want to oil the soapstone to ensure the patina of the stone is evenly developed.

If you are unsure if your stone countertops need to be sealed, try this test:

  • Pour a teaspoon of water on the countertop in question
  • Let the water sit for 15 – 30 minutes
  • Wipe up the water; if the water leaves a stain, your counters need to be sealed. Don’t worry though, the water stain will dry and disappear

How To Protect Your New Countertops Infographic

Make Sure You are Using the Right Cleaning Supplies

There are many cleaning products that are acidic and may etch the surface of your counter. Be very careful when using products that contain vinegar or citric acid; both of these cleaners are acidic and can potentially etch the stone over time. Phosphoric acid should also be avoided, as it is a slightly stronger cleaning product. Phosphoric acid is sometimes found in bathroom tile, sink and tub cleaners.

There are many gentle cleaning products, such as dish-washing soap, that can be used for cleaning your kitchen counters. Rubbing alcohol can also be added to dishwashing soap and water for added cleaning power. If you have natural stone countertops you can also use a stone cleaner; this is another great product that will, safely, keep your counters clean.

Use Trivets or Hot Pads for Hot Items

No matter what kind of countertop you have, it can be sensitive to extreme heat. Some countertops may be discolored by heat, while others may melt, crack or become warped. This is why it is so important to keep heat from coming in direct contact through the use of trivets, hot pads, or other types of pads creating a layer of protection between hot pans and countertops.

Be Sure to Use a Cutting Board

Many cutting boards are made of various types of stone, however, you should never use your countertop as a cutting board. You could potentially gouge or scratch your countertops. If your countertops are marble, which is a softer stone, this is especially true.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

It's not just acidic cleaning products that can potentially etch your counters. Acidic foods have been known to cause damage as well. To avoid stains, it is important to clean red wine, white wine, soy sauce, and other acidic food spills as soon as they occur. If your counters have been properly sealed, a spill that gets overlooked is less likely to cause damage.

Your Countertop is not a Step Ladder

While stone countertops are known for being durable, they may not be strong enough to hold your weight while you search for a pot in the cabinet or change a lightbulb. For safety reasons, it is important not to stand or step on your countertops. If your countertops do become cracked or chipped, it is important to contact our team at All Stone as soon as possible to have the issue repaired.

Be Sure to Pick the Right Material if you are Hard on Your Countertops

The type of material you choose should match your lifestyle and cooking habits. Our installers and fabricators can help you make the right decision for your home and lifestyle. Some stones are more susceptible to damage than others; marble is an especially soft stone that is known to be easily stained or damaged. Quartz, however, is known to be especially durable and low-maintenance.

With the proper care, stone or quartz countertops may be the best choice for your next remodeling project! Call our team at All Stone for your free estimate and get started on your next project today!

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