Granite has been a go to choice for many homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois when doing home renovations. Some of the reasons for this love are that granite is incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing, comes in a variety of colors, and is easy to take care of.

Granite is a product of nature and was created by magma that slowly cools and crystallizes over millions of years. Granite gets its variety from the different minerals that give this beautiful stone its unique characteristics, colors, and patterns. Quartz can also be found in granite, and will lend its shimmer to various slabs of granite. It's these variants that make granite so unique and popular among homeowners.

Below are several other reasons that granite remains so popular.

Maintenance – Granite is durable and low maintenance. This means that as long as you care for your granite countertops, you will probably move before they need to replaced.

  • Sealing
    In addition to cleaning, granite does need to be sealed every so often. While granite is extremely durable, it is also porous and will absorb liquids that may cause stains. Sealing your granite will close pores and ensure that liquids sit on top of the granite, without your stone absorbing any potentially staining liquids. It is best if granite is sealed once or twice per year, this depends on how well your counters are sealed and how often you use your counters. You can tell that your counters need to be resealed, if the stone starts to absorb liquids. If you notice any wet spots on your counters after wiping up liquid, it may be time to reseal.
  • Cleaning
    Your granite countertops will only need to be cleaned with warm, soapy water. No need for special soaps or cleaners; although if you wish, there are special stone countertop cleaners. You will want to ensure you clean spills immediately. You will also want to make sure to clean your granite counters immediately after working with raw meat. It is recommended to wipe down your countertop at the end of every day, just to make sure you are getting rid of any stray crumbs.

Value – While you may pay a bit more for granite, you will also have countertops that retain their value, if you decide to sell your home in the future. New home buyers love granite, especially when combined with other high-end features (i.e. hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, etc.). If you are thinking about selling your home, neutral colors are best (i.e. gray, white, cream, black, and brown).

Beauty – Granite is naturally beautiful with its swirls of color and various speckles of color. No matter what pattern you choose, your slab will be beautiful and one of a kind. Granite goes very well with hardwood floors and other natural materials you may use in your kitchen.

Color – Granite comes in a plethora of colors. Depending upon the minerals found in the stone's makeup, you may get stones in commonly used colors such as white, tan, gray, black, brown or you could even get more custom colors as red, orange, blue or green. You will want to be careful to choose a color that you will love for years to come, as you could use your countertops, even if you decide to do future remodels. Neutral colors are best for incorporating into future design and decor.

Neutral Colors of Granite

Durable – Granite is extremely difficult to scratch, and as long as it is properly sealed it is virtually heat resistant. As long as you keep your countertops properly sealed, they will stay beautiful for years to come.

Timeless – Granite countertops never go out of style. When you invest in granite countertops, you may never have to replace your countertops again!

No matter what shade of granite you choose, let our team of experts help you with any design, maintenance or any other questions you may have. Contact us today to get started on your next kitchen renovation in the the Kenosha and Racine, WI or Zion, Waukegan and Beach Park, Illinois area!

Why Choose Granite - Infographic

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